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Toit plein de neige

Professional roof snow and ice removal in Montreal

Winter is here, and you are looking for a professional snow and ice removal service in the Greater Montreal area? Let our experts carry out your roof snow removal work. Call on our reliable and experienced team of roofers to remove snow and ice from your roof while preserving your roof covering integrity. 
To remove a lot of snow accumulated on your roof, choose the Toiture Expert team. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. A considerable accumulation of snow can damage your roof and weaken your home structure, thus causing many safety problems. We will be available for snow and ice removal work in complete safety and peace of mind.


Discover our Snow Removal Services

We offer professional and personalized snow and ice removal services in Montreal, Quebec:

Residential roof

commercial roof

industrial roof

Flat roof

Sloping roof

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Prevention and Safety First and Foremost

Vigilance is essential to avoid unforeseeable accidents. We ensure that the work is done safely and under surveillance to protect you and passers-by. With a rigorous inspection, we can thus detect the weak areas of your roof. Roof snow and ice removal is very important with climate change. Our roofers are at your disposal.

Déneigement du toiture
Toiture en bardeaux d'asphalte

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