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Installation d'un toit plat

Flat Roofing in the Greater Montreal Area

Toiture Expert takes care of residential and commercial buildings for the cladding of your flat multi-layer roof.

Switch to a white roof that works in the best interests of the environment. Overheating and the creation of urban heat islands will thus be avoided. 

The flat multi-layer roof has several advantages:


Easy maintenance

           Easy repair

           Good quality

A guarantee of cleanliness

Requires minimal maintenance

Reduces heat

weather resistant

Lifespan of 20 to 25 years

We offer repair, waterproofing and maintenance services for flat roofs adapted to all your needs and requirements. The amount of waste is reduced continuously, thanks to the waterproofing membrane of a white top. Are you interested in a multi-layer roof? Call us now.

Application du feutre de toiture

Types of Materials

Choose an asphalt and gravel roofing for its durability and strength. Toiture Expert guarantees you an aesthetic, reliable and durable roof. We can adapt the asphalt roofing to the structure of your home. The multi-layer renovation consists of three superimposed layers of organic felt embedded in the asphalt. 

Discover the advantages of asphalt roofing

For more information, contact us without further delay.

Roof elements

Whether it's an asphalt shingle or gravel roof, we can install both with precision and care. Asphalt and gravel roofing always remains an economical and durable solution. The use of asphalt and gravel roofs is especially suitable for fragile roofs. Gravel helps to block the sunlight that deteriorates the quality of the asphalt.

You can count on our professionals to provide you with high-quality service at all times and practical, useful advice to help you make the right choice for your property.

Toit en bardeaux d'asphalte

Having Troubles with your Flat Roof?

We are here to solve them!

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